Monday, October 10, 2011

Just A Thought And Some

We went out last Saturday to run some errands, do our groceries and attend mass. It’s been long since we did that, all four of us. The officiating priest in Puregold Molito was telling us about “proper dress code”. Amusing because the mass is inside a mall; it’s Saturday and a lot of people who attended the mass just wore shorts and I mean not just “shorts”, theirs are skimpy short-shorts. I know it’s inside a mall but just a little thought; you’re attending a mass, you’re not going to the beach! Yes, we know that you want to attend mass but you could have sat at the back! Dress accordingly for fuck’s sake! I really hate it when people do that.

So we went home, had some an assortment of chips, watched a crappy movie while I ate a BIG bar of chocolate and slept like a baby. The following day was spent cleaning the house, cooking meals, sleeping in between, reading history books about Europe, eating and watching reruns of our favorite TV shows. I know it’s boring but I miss boring. Being dull consoles my chaotic brain. So it’s good to be a bore every once in awhile; it works for me. 

Here’s the pair of glasses that I bought from Paterno Eyewear last Saturday at Cuenca Bazaar. I bought this instead of the Owl frames because it’s kind of small for my face. Its lacquered red, it has gold hinges, very chic, vintage looking and it is lightweight too! I love it! Plus I got them for only P600! The seller’s generous enough to slash P50 off its price because she didn’t have exact change. It’s hard to resist the urge to buy more because they sell the most gorgeous vintage looking eyewear at a fraction of the cost compared to the ones being sold in malls. Check out their Multiply site and look for Ms. Pia. 

Peek-a-boo I see you! :)

Polie wearing Mommy's glasses: ADORKABLE!

I bought a pair of shoes from Renegade Folk's clearance sale. Sadly, the shoes I bought run a size smaller. But I read somewhere about freezing leather shoes. I tried it and it worked! Plus I forced the boys to wear the shoes around the house for a day. Ha-ha! Talk about ingenuity, eh? So that’s how my weekend went. Boring and oh-so-great!

Fits me perfectly! (Pardon the jammies)

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