Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buff Time Tuesday and a Frog Beanie

Dexter would always be my favourite TV show. So it’s a good thing that I’m still on leave as I get to see the pilot episode first thing in the morning (well, after taking Polie for a walk). I remember last year, the pilot episode was aired on September 28. I never looked back. Ha-ha!

I can’t believe its October already! And I’m so excited for this year’s Trick or Treat. Last year, I made a frog beanie for Polie’s costume. We weren’t able to roam around for long. We had to bring Polie home after 10 minutes of decor seeing (no trick or treat but we still got some sweets because he was having a bad tantrum). His yaya had a sugar overdose and happily dozed off after eating all the chocolates and candies. It was still a fun night.

Anyways, despite all the bad things that has been happening lately (our own personal battles and with what’s happening in our country right now). I’m thankful still because I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family, I have the greatest and smartest friends and I still get to enjoy the simple things that life has been offering me. Be it a pilot episode of my favourite TV show or reminiscing about the good old times. Because really; it’s the small things that count. Buff Time Tuesday, Oh how I’ve missed you! :)


  1. you're so creative! i love the beanie :)

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  2. Thank you, Ms. Fashion Eggplant! :)


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