Monday, October 3, 2011

Amazing Bargains to Love

The hubby and I talked about Lasik over the weekend and decided that we’ll try our best to save money for it so I could have my eyes corrected. I know it still pose a lot of risks, not to mention how ridiculously expensive it is but I’m really getting tired of wearing glasses. But then earlier, I saw these:

via Paterno Eyewear Store

Can you imagine my delight when I saw these Owl frames online? It’s really cheap too! This pair costs P650! It’s made of plastic/acrylic with some metal elements (for the temples and hinges). I’ve been looking for this kind of frame for the longest time but you know how notoriously high-priced prescription glasses are. Another good thing about it is that the seller will be at Cuenca Bazaar this coming weekend, no more SF for me because I can get it there. Plus the seller’s so nice with all my queries. Even persuaded me to look for a cheaper multi-coated lens because the ones they’re selling costs P1k-- this is why sometimes I love buying stuff online. Hooray for online shopping!

And some amazing bargain finds over the weekend:

I love the comfy flats from Shoebox&Me. I bought a pair of mustard flats and amazingly, they have my size (because I have humongous feet). I initially bought (and accidentally, if I might add) the university loafer, I just realized it when I checked the box last night. The hubby has a bad habit of neglecting ORs so I was a bit worried if the store will still replace it. (I bought the green loafers with yellow detail! I think it’s FEU! My mom graduated from FEU so I guess its okay but it has some scratches). Surprisingly, the saleslady didn’t even demand to see the OR. Thank God! And I had a hard time finding a replacement for it because all the shoes are so damn cute!

We were doing our usual weekend grocery shopping when I saw Silka’s new lotion variant. Of course I had to buy one because it’s cheap, has SPF23 and it has Shea butter! Oh how I love that smell. I know this product is not organic but at least its Paraben-free plus sun protection.

And meet my new insect repellent. It has virgin coconut oil and titanium dioxide that blocks the sun’s harmful rays (talk about sunscreen overdose). It’s oil-based but it’s light and it smells of coconut! Non-toxic, 100% DEET-free, eco-friendly and safe for kids 1yo and above (Polie can use this as well).

I love my new bargain finds. And I love good customer service!
Thank you, shopping gods, for allowing me to discover these amazing stuffs.
You’ve been so generous to me. :)

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