Friday, February 1, 2013

January And Some

Our youngest is turning 3mos soon. How time flies! January just occurred in a snap! I can finally blog now because the little one allows me to use the net from time to time! Hooray for an hour break from all the dancing and baby carrying! I’m still at awe with how things are unfolding for us. We’re excited and a bit nervous at the same time. But we trust the Lord too much that just the thought of it makes us hope for the best. Hope is a good thing, right?

I’ve been breastfeeding exclusively for close to 3mos now. I’m so happy because this is the first time I’m doing it. I breastfed our eldest but he drank formula (whenever I’m out of the house), the second one I breastfed for a month then my milk supply decreased to na-da because I’m too stressed from work. Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I decided to breastfeed exclusively. And boy what a demanding work it is! But such a blessing cos of all the pros we’re getting! The hell with the cons! I highly encourage moms and moms to be to breastfeed. It’s one of the best things you can do for your babies. Plus it’ll help you lose the baby weight (of course w/ proper diet and moderate exercise) fast!    

I’m just sooo happy and content with my life now. I know for sure because not even a messy bed could ruin my day! Truly, I’m a young mom and an amazing one (so they say) at that. So when my friend had asked what my birthday wish was, I simply said I couldn’t think of anything to ask. I want a lot of things for myself and for my family but I didn’t wish for money. For the longest time I’ve always wished for peace of mind and now I finally have it and of course I have the greatest gift a person can get, that is the gift of love and family. Hooray and thank God for motherhood!

(And some of my favorite snapshots over the last month) 
Our youngest at 2 mos

Found this cute DIY snowman while cleaning up
 Pol's school bag :)

First ramen EVER

Something pink and glittery for my birthday <3

Lovin' our new aboriginal coasters!


Ooh yes, I do :)

I woke up on my birthday to this <3

Lunch date with my loves!

Thank God for crazy and amazing girlfriends! Love these bitcherakas to bits! 

And thank you Beauty Bar for bringing us affordable beauty products!

Hooray for guilt-free snacking!

And of course for Sundays as I get to read to our little kuya for a day :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye Hello

Okay, my year-ender. I always do this to keep track on things that has happened for the past year or so. I’ll always be grateful for every year, and I don’t think there’s such a thing as malas year. It’s just a matter of perspective.

I’ve learned so much from 2012, but most importantly, I’ve learned to be patient. I’ve learned how to wait and pray, wait and pray, wait and pray. It pretty goes like that. And to forgive. And to let go. And it made me closer to the people I love, especially to God. I’m grateful. So grateful that sometimes I couldn’t contain my happiness; that sometimes I feel like my heart’s going to burst. I am happy without hate, regrets and cynicism. Thank you 2012 for being so freaking awesome! Bring it on, 2013! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hey, Momma!

You’ll learn a lot of things from motherhood. All good things, I believe! As I ponder on my year’s life lessons, I’ve realized how being a mom made me into a better person. I know I’ve been doing this for close to 12 years now but when you have three kids, well; it’s a whole new level!

Being a mom taught me to be... PRACTICAL

Years ago, I used to think that I’m practical but have come to realize that well, I wasn’t. And then came my second son, I thought so again, but then again, I still wasn’t. It was just now I can proudly say that I’ve finally learned to be practical. Practical, not stingy! I buy what’s needed and sleep on what’s not. (It was hard at first. Haha) I still buy pretty things from time to time but I make sure that I use it, not store.

Being a mom taught me to be... AN EXCELLENT ORGANIZER.

Well, I know I’m already good at organizing things but I’ve learned to be a top-notched organizer. I’m not really bragging but when you have 3 boys, you’ll eventually learn how to. My days are always planned ahead, my schedule is written down so I won’t have to forget a single thing. We go out without a nanny, would you believe? And I have three boys at tow! That’s how organize I am.

Being a mom taught me to be... SELFLESS

Let’s be honest here, in some inevitable way, we still tend to be self-centered. Hey, that’s what social media taught us. I believe that when you’re a mom, you’re likely to be selfless because you’re responsible for another human being. That’s why we have working mothers so they can provide for their families and mothers who quit work and leave their careers so just they can be hands-on with their kids. Or petty things like giving up the purse you badly want, or a trip you’ve been planning in a long time, or finding high-end makeup dupes so just you can save. You’d do everything for your kids; it’s the most natural thing to do.

And a lot more. Motherhood, I think, is one of the hardest things to do but definitely the loveliest! So I raise my non-fat milk to all moms out there. Cheers, lovelies!  

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: The Third Trimester

Seventh month: During the first week, I had a Pelvic Anomaly Scan, Glucose Screening Test and a Tetanus shot. We were so happy that in spite of everything the baby is healthy and my blood sugar is below normal (given that diabetes runs in my family and eating lots of sweets—sorry, can’t help it!). We found out that we’re having a boy. Our Ob-Gyn told me that I have to stop drinking milk because the baby is sooo big. It’s hard to sleep now because of the added baby weight. I’m still on Ixosilan and Progesterone which I take thrice a day and once a week respectively. During the last week of the month, we finally bought our baby stuff. We went to the mall and I had to be put in a wheelchair as Tatay pushes me around while we look for clothes and stuff. I was so happy that time and thinking about it still makes me so kilig!

Eight month: I had to be on complete bed rest again. I had to control my calorie intake as the baby’s gaining weight rapidly! Tatay shopped for the remaining things that I need like maternity undies, abdominal binder, toiletries and makeup (yes! makeup!). Isn’t he the sweetest?

Ninth month: Well, I thought that during the last month, we’ll just have to wait until my due date, but I was admitted to the hospital again due to bleeding and contractions. It was terrifying because we thought that I was about to give birth by then (and I still can’t because the baby is just 34 weeks). I was closely monitored and sedated to lessen the contractions. Luckily, I was discharged after two days. I have UTI once more (tsk!) and had to take Cefalexin for a week. A week and a day after that (exactly my 36th week), I gave birth to a bouncing baby siopao!   

Pregnancy Condition: High risk; Contractions, Preterm Labour
Skin Condition: Sensitive
Medication: Cefalexin for UTI, Terbutaline Sulfate for uterine contractions
Tests: Pelvic Anomaly Scan (7th month), Glucose Screening Test, Urinalysis, CBC
Vaccine: Tetanus shot (7th month)
Vitamins and Supplements:  Hemarate Iron + Multivitamins
Diet: Baby is a carnivore!
Fitness: Stretching        

I’d like to say that this pregnancy was the hardest thing I had to go through (yet) all my life. It was emotionally, mentally, physically and financially draining. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride and it was all worth it! Given another chance, I’d do it again. It made me realize a lot of things like how powerful prayers can be, letting go of the little insignificant things, people who matters-- family and friends. We made it! We’re healthy and a baby who sleeps to DMB? We couldn’t be any happier! Indeed, I’m sooo blessed to be a mom. <3           

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: The Second Trimester

Fourth and fifth month: I had to quit work in the middle of a training week. It was depressing at first but anything for the baby! The bleeding stopped and we were more convinced that all I needed was to rest. But it wasn’t easy at all. I had to be in bed at all times. I have bathroom privileges but I couldn’t take a bath standing, I have to do it sitting on a stool. I couldn’t even sit for more than an hour or else I’d bleed again so it also means that I can’t exercise and I think it made my body weaker! I decided to eat red meat again because my Ob-Gyn insisted me to do so. The baby and I gained weight instantly.

Sixth month: Everything’s been smooth sailing but I’m still on house arrest. I finished all the books I haven’t finished in a long time. I’ve had DVD marathons all day long and when I got tired of watching the telly, I started tuning in to FM station. I love a certain FM channel which plays classical music all day long. I’m used to doing my new routine now and it’s not that boring anymore. I found out that for two months, Tatay has been replacing my low-fat milk over full cream ones because he desperately wants me to gain weight. I started having low-impact arm and leg exercises.

Pregnancy Condition: High risk; Threatened Abortion, Uterine Contractions
Skin Condition: Dry and flaky all over
Medication: Ixosilan for uterine contractions, Utrogestan (Progesterone) for bleeding (orally)
Vitamins and Supplements:  Hemarate FA, Anmum Materna
Diet: Baby is a carnivore!
Fitness: Low impact arm and leg exercises on the sixth month

My skin’s dry and flaky all over that no amount of body cream or oil can soothe it. So I stopped using soap and used coconut oil and a loofah instead. After a week, my skin condition improved and its baby smooth again! I’d say that the fourth was the second hardest month for me. But I’ve learned so much from my second trimester. I think those were the months that we've prayed the hardest in our entire lives (we still do!) and it had brought us closer to God and for that, I’m very grateful. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: The First Trimester

First month: We found out that we’re pregnant and we were elated! But I was bleeding and having cramps during my second week so we had our first sonogram to have the baby checked. The baby is really small and we didn’t even see it and it was still too early that time to detect a heartbeat. We were told to wait for a month to see if the baby can survive the contractions. No vitamins were given that time but I started drinking Anmum.

Second month: We heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time and we were just so happy. I’m still bleeding but very lightly. We had our second sonogram to check if the baby’s okay. The baby is well with good cardiac and somatic activities but we found out that I have a low lying placenta so I was ordered to have a weeklong rest from work. I started taking iron and folic acid supplements. My Ob-Gyn prescribed Ixosilan for the uterine contractions. I suffered a severe case of face rash and couldn’t eat nuts, eggs, chicken, fish and shellfish.

Third month: It was second week of the month; I was taking a bath when I felt a gush of liquid ran through my legs. I saw a lot of blood flowing profusely. I was so scared that time thinking I had a miscarriage and we went to the hospital immediately. It was the first time I got that scared all my life. We had another sonogram to check if the baby is okay. Upon hearing the baby’s heartbeat, we were relieved. I was diagnosed to have a Placenta Previa, my cervix was 3cm wide that time hence the bleeding and I have UTI. Our Ob-Gyn told me that I have to stop working and be on complete bed rest until I give birth. Week by week we waited and prayed for my cervix to close.
Pregnancy Condition: High risk; Threatened Abortion, UTI, Placenta Previa
Skin Condition: Allergies, Dry and flaky all over
Medication: Elica for skin allergy (for a week), Ixosilan for uterine contractions, Crinone Progesterone (vaginally) for bleeding, Cefalexin for UTI
Tests: Sonogram, Ultrasound, Urinalysis
Vitamins and Supplements:  Hemarate FA, Anmum Materna
Diet: Vegetarian
Fitness: NA

It’s a bit surprising because during my last two pregnancies, all I did was throw-up. Going back, I thought it was the hardest part of my pregnancy. But I’m up for a bigger surprise.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sensitive Skin 101

I’ve always had sensitive skin; so somehow I became an expert on dealing with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still get the occasional zits and rash. I’ve also had numerous trials and errors and love-hate relationships with a great deal of drugstore, natural and organic products. I’ve learnt it the hard way and it’s true when you’re dealing with skincare problems that less is always more.

According to my dermatologist, sensitive skin can have hundreds of causes. The most likely culprits are alcohol in toners and astringents, surfactants in soaps and cleansers, chemical preservatives like paraben and propylene glycol, PABA and benzophenone in sunscreen preparations, the list goes on. And it could be internal as well like food, alcohol or hormonal and external like sun, wind, pollution, air conditioning or detergents. There’s also stress. Constantly being on stress slows skin cell renewal making our skin look sallow that emphasises under-eye circles (in short, haggard!).

But here’s what you can do give your sensitive skin its well deserved TLC:

Look for hypoallergenic and allergy tested products. Always do a patch test when planning to buy any cosmetic and facial product. A great and cheaper alternative to VMV is Physiogel Hypoallergenic. Their skincare line is pretty basic. All their products are non-comedogenic, contains no colourants, perfume and preservatives (except their cleanser which has paraben). It’s widely available and works just as well.

Don’t use soap. It strips off your skin’s PH balance leaving it susceptible to irritation. Stick to cream cleansers as they have a rich consistency and leave a light moisturizing film.   

Steer clear of exfoliants (i.e.: toner, facial scrubs) and high-concentrated AHA creams. AHA are natural chemicals found in fruits, wine, milk and sugar cane. AHA, especially in high amounts is a no-no if you have sensitive skin. If you can’t avoid using products with AHA (like me ‘cause I use organic facial products), choose the lowest concentration you can get (from facial wash and toner) and use it occasionally. You can alternate it with your regular creams or cleanser.    

Avoid the sun as much as you can and protect your face with a physical sunscreen containing titanium dioxide instead of a chemical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens, especially if you have sensitive skin, can cause allergic reactions. We have a lot of organic sunscreens on the market, BB creams and tinted moisturizers that have ample amount of SPF as well. Look for make-up that has SPF to amplify your sun screen protection. Just make sure you’re using a sunscreen no less than SPF30 for everyday use and SPF50 if you’ll be out in the sun for a long time.       

Stop using any product at once if it’s causing your skin to breakout- regardless of how much you want it to work and how expensive it is. Ask around and do your research. Not because a product is high-end, means it’ll work wonders for your skin. You’ll be amazed of the choices we have on the market that are cheaper, efficient and works just as fine. Be smart on your choices.   

If your skin is in bad condition visit a dermatologist immediately. Don’t always rely on website information and advices of family and friends. What works for them might even harm your skin.  

Still, the best prudent solution to dealing with skin breakouts is to reduce stress, get enough sleep, stay hydrated and eat sensibly. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of money from buying skincare products you don’t actually need and your skin will thank you for it.