Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: The Second Trimester

Fourth and fifth month: I had to quit work in the middle of a training week. It was depressing at first but anything for the baby! The bleeding stopped and we were more convinced that all I needed was to rest. But it wasn’t easy at all. I had to be in bed at all times. I have bathroom privileges but I couldn’t take a bath standing, I have to do it sitting on a stool. I couldn’t even sit for more than an hour or else I’d bleed again so it also means that I can’t exercise and I think it made my body weaker! I decided to eat red meat again because my Ob-Gyn insisted me to do so. The baby and I gained weight instantly.

Sixth month: Everything’s been smooth sailing but I’m still on house arrest. I finished all the books I haven’t finished in a long time. I’ve had DVD marathons all day long and when I got tired of watching the telly, I started tuning in to FM station. I love a certain FM channel which plays classical music all day long. I’m used to doing my new routine now and it’s not that boring anymore. I found out that for two months, Tatay has been replacing my low-fat milk over full cream ones because he desperately wants me to gain weight. I started having low-impact arm and leg exercises.

Pregnancy Condition: High risk; Threatened Abortion, Uterine Contractions
Skin Condition: Dry and flaky all over
Medication: Ixosilan for uterine contractions, Utrogestan (Progesterone) for bleeding (orally)
Vitamins and Supplements:  Hemarate FA, Anmum Materna
Diet: Baby is a carnivore!
Fitness: Low impact arm and leg exercises on the sixth month

My skin’s dry and flaky all over that no amount of body cream or oil can soothe it. So I stopped using soap and used coconut oil and a loofah instead. After a week, my skin condition improved and its baby smooth again! I’d say that the fourth was the second hardest month for me. But I’ve learned so much from my second trimester. I think those were the months that we've prayed the hardest in our entire lives (we still do!) and it had brought us closer to God and for that, I’m very grateful. 

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