Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pregnancy Outbreak

I suffered from a severe case of allergy few months back. My face was red and had rashes all over, my eyes were swollen. My whole face was painful and itchy. I couldn’t eat eggs, nuts, chicken, fish and shellfish. It’s bad enough that it has chosen my face to be its settlement area. My face, really!? I had to stop using organic facial products then and that made me sad because it means using prescription and over the counter skincare products. My skin’s all healed now. Except that, I still couldn’t eat those mentioned above or else I’d still get the occasional skin reddening and itching.

I was told that the allergy is pregnancy related and given the proper treatment and precautionary measures, it will clear up eventually. My dermatologist prescribed a mild steroidal cream called Elidel that I can use to treat the perioral dermatitis. It’s an anti-inflammatory cream, priced at around P1500 and must be used within 12 weeks of opening. I used it for a week and voila; it looked like I bought a brand new skin. Seriously.

For months now, this has been my skincare routine:

I use Physiogel for cleansing, Human Nature’s Tomato Toner to remove further grime. Then I massage my face with BNHMS Baby Salve or Human Nature’s Sunflower Oil to moisturize. At night, before sleeping, I slather a generous amount of Physiogel Cream. Once a week, I use a wet nappy cloth or sometimes if my skin is behaving really good St. Ives Olive Scrub (just my nose).   

Boring, eh? But it works. I can use some organic facial products again and no more allergy breakout for me! I stopped using sunscreen for the meantime because I’m worried it might trigger the allergy back and since I’m still on house arrest I guess it's fine not to use any. But when I do which is the hospital (but then again we pass by the basement parking going inside), I use Maybelline’s Mineral Make Up w/ SPF 19 for a little sun protection.

Sleep and keeping yourself hydrated works wonder for your skin!
I love how my skin looks like now.

Can you spot any rash?

And this is how my skin looked like during my first trimester. Cool isn’t it? ;)


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