Sunday, October 31, 2010

Food Trip Friday: Amici ATC

Because we just love to eat together and try out budget-friendly food joints.

Their famous Gelato Cakes
 Cakes with ice cream filling, yum yum!

Ohhh I thought I was in heaven! :)

First timers here

Oil based pasta with
 Shitake mushrooms and smoked ham

Chili flakes are best for oil based pasta dishes,
and a handful of parmesan too, ohhh-umm! 

My vegetable panini--
grilled mushrooms, zucchini, sun dried tomatoes and feta:

My very satisfied hubby :)

Of course, my meal wouldn't be complete
without my favorite devil cake.
 Ohhh that rich, dark chocolate cake ♥

What we liked about it: The food and the reasonably priced menu
What we don't like about it: The interiors
We'll definitely go back for the food of course.

Micoy, My Great Friend, An Old Soul

One of my favorite past times is observing people. And one of my few favorite people is an officemate of mine. His name is Michael Castillo, AKA Micoy or Pablo.

It's his 80s style why I am so drawn to him. I still remember the first time I talked to him, he's wearing a floral shirt and an old Casio watch with a built-in calculator. I said to myself, I like this guy. He's an old soul. He has this sick sense of humor, a witty mind and a quick mouth. Articulate and wise.

I like people who doesn't conform to society's definition of "what's normal". I admire people who stick to their own personal uniqueness and don't give a shit of other people might say or think about them.

And here is one soul I truly admire. :)   

And one important thing I really admire about him is, he's true. He's not a nerd wannabe because he wants to be cool, he really is, one big nerd. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sustainable Beauty: By Nature Handmade Soaps

When I got pregnant last year, my allergies worsened. I was really determined to stop taking anti-histamines because I'm already 3weeks pregnant that time. Even though my OB prescribed it and assured me that it's safe, I'm still hesitant.

I've been a fan of natural and organic products since I was in high school, but little did I know the difference between the two. If a product was labeled "natural", it doesn't necessarily mean that all ingredients are plant derived. Manufacturers would use cheap preservatives called "paraben" to prolong the shelf life of the product that they sell. You can find parabens in most shampoos, conditioner, lotions, creams, deodorants and most especially cosmetics or those called drugstore make-ups.

I've found out that paraben has been linked to breast cancer. Although pharmaceutical companies claim that it's safe to use them as preservatives and it's just a myth, the inner earth child in me will always prevail that I still decided to make the big switch. I did some research and learned about By Nature Handmade Soaps on TheGoodEarth site. To my delight, I found out that almost all their products are 100% organic, some are 97% organic. It's just like in Healthy Options wherein they have organic labeling guides but cheaper.

"Because they are ALL-NATURAL, BY NATURE Handmade Soaps contain NO chemical preservatives, hardeners or additives. They are made with food-grade vegetable oils such as coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil and are lovingly made using the cold-process method. With this soapmaking method, BY NATURE Handmade Soaps are made completely from scratch. No short-cuts or pre-manufactured bases and you get all the goodness of naturally-formed glycerin, too!"    -BNHMS

What's not to love?

I ordered a stash of soaps, Baby Salve, Balm of Butter and Facial Oil. What do you know, it took me 2-3 days of using them and my allergies are gone. Yes, gone, as in no more sneezy and stuffy nose every morning and no more sleepless nights.

I love how the soaps are unlike other organic or handmade soaps in the market. It lathers; they smell so great that taking a bath for me is more delightful. I love how the scent lingers in the air but it's not overpowering. It doesn't melt easily. The bar is big and not that expensive. My favorites are Choco Latte, Cocoa Butter Melt, Citrus White, Milkenhoney and Green Tea Escape. My hubby and my eldest use organic soaps too. Actually, they're quite addicted to it. My online seller, Ms. Tet Reyes is the sweetest! She never hesitated in answering my queries and giving brilliant suggestions. She offers a wide range of products, from household organic products to personal use. I never would have thought that online shopping could be this fun. Go ahead, take a chance and give it a try. More than likely, you'll be happy you did. You'll see the difference.  

Read more about it at:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buff Time Rainy Tuesday: Beauty and the Beast

I can't seem to get enough of Dexter Morgan, almost done with the Dexter books!
Will be eating crispy dilis, egg and garlic rice for breakfast with lots of tomatoes! YUM!
Happy rainy Tuesday everyone! :)  

Dexter Season 5 Episode 4: Beauty and the Beast

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I ♥ You To Bits, Kaia Dearest

Tagaytay: Bag of Beans yr10

"I could never afford to lose you; you’re so different from the others.
You’re not weird, you’re just uniquely different."

These were the words that made me cry, hard, last night.

I was having "those" episodes again. I don't know if it's PMS, but I was feeling overly low last night. If you know me that well, you should know that I still have this one big regret in my life—that is, not finishing a degree I badly covet. I wanted to take up Fine Arts and because I got pregnant at an unripe age of 16, I never had that chance to pursue it. Well actually I almost had, but then, I got pregnant, again.

I was saving up and looking for art schools around the metro last year, so eager and full of hope that I could finally go back to school, to learn, study and do what I've always wanted. But sometimes fate has its own cruel way of putting things together. It slapped me with a cold-harsh reality that I need to wake up from a deep slumber. Reality rain check.

I still want to pursue that dream, I need to pursue it.

For the longest time, thinking about it makes me cry. For the longest time, when I still think about it, it leaves a hollow emptiness that lingers deep inside me. The feeling is painful, intense and wounding.

I still want it.

I was crying last night when Tatay told me something that would obsess me for the rest of my life.

T: The first time I saw you, I immediately told to myself—this is the girl I want to marry, I want to spend my lifetime loving her.

Isn't that creepy? He barely knows me.

The first time he saw me, I was still hairless. I used to wear a bonnet because I can't tolerate the air-conditioning in our office floor running in full blast or probably because I had little hair, that’s why. Yes, he fell in love with a bald girl who dresses like a malnourished emo kid.

And then all of a sudden, he said something like this:

“I could never afford to lose you; you’re so different from the others.
You’re not weird, you’re just uniquely different.”

I froze.

My hubby would always complain why I have to be so different.

Not last night.

He actually said it and embraced me so tightly that he never wants to let go of me.

T: You don’t have to stop dreaming. I don’t want you to stop pursuing what you want. I’ll support you all the way and I believe in you.

And then I cried some more.

I want it that badly that sometimes I just ignore him.

I need to pursue it, in time, and I know he'll be there to back me up.

Thank you for making me realize that—my ego-booster, my sanity anchor, my best friend, my dear Kaia.

I love you so much Tatay and yes, we'll do it together this time.

Tagaytay yr08: Tatay's Birthday

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four-Eyed Girl

I'm not perfect.

I have freckles and faint red veins on my face.
 I don't have that perfect hair. I once shaved my head,
 it made people into thinking that I'm a cancer patient in remission.

I can't wear contacts because I have sensitive eyes, 
so I wear glasses everyday and sometimes I'm sick and tired of wearing them.
 I look like a dork not because it's a sick fashion statement,
 but because I need them badly to see clearly.

I used to be thin but now I'm fat as a cow.

I wanted to become an artist—
painter, writer, photographer, musician
 and my biggest regret was not going to art school.

I hate going to clubs. I hate socializing with people.
 Maybe because I’m bad at dancing and I’m terrified of people I barely know.

Sometimes I curse, a lot—but not in front of my kids.

I could never be a girly-girl, I already tried.
I'll always be the girl with those dorky glasses.

I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly happy being imperfect
 and I don't give a fucking shit.

I love you, Juana. Freckles and all! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buff Time Tuesday

I'm writing or rather typing this while waiting for my Dexter S5-E3 buff time to finish. I was thinking of going cold turkey on FB and be addicted to exercise instead, well let's see if it'll work. I'm sweating my ass off working out like a mad woman! And I need to finish a Palahniuk book that I've been reading when I was still pregnant! MOFO, I am soooo LAZY! I have 2mos and 6days left until our wedding day and I already stopped purging myself into eating cereals and oatmeal. So far I'm not craving for carbs anymore, but chocolates, uhum-- that's a different story. Good luck to myself!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Self,

I've been thinking a lot lately and realized that I've been inconsiderate. I’m really sorry I've been so hard on you and I mean that with all my heart. I promise to love all your flaws and to be proud of every scar. I’ll let you feel sad when you’re down, I’ll let you laze around when you’re not feeling well, I’ll love you wholeheartedly and I’ll be your bes-test best friend. I promise, from now on I’ll take good care of you. 

♥ Me

Friday, October 1, 2010

95% Earth-Friendly

Haribon TreeHugger pens for only 20PHP.
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