Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four-Eyed Girl

I'm not perfect.

I have freckles and faint red veins on my face.
 I don't have that perfect hair. I once shaved my head,
 it made people into thinking that I'm a cancer patient in remission.

I can't wear contacts because I have sensitive eyes, 
so I wear glasses everyday and sometimes I'm sick and tired of wearing them.
 I look like a dork not because it's a sick fashion statement,
 but because I need them badly to see clearly.

I used to be thin but now I'm fat as a cow.

I wanted to become an artist—
painter, writer, photographer, musician
 and my biggest regret was not going to art school.

I hate going to clubs. I hate socializing with people.
 Maybe because I’m bad at dancing and I’m terrified of people I barely know.

Sometimes I curse, a lot—but not in front of my kids.

I could never be a girly-girl, I already tried.
I'll always be the girl with those dorky glasses.

I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly happy being imperfect
 and I don't give a fucking shit.

I love you, Juana. Freckles and all! :)


  1. "I wanted to become an artist—painter, writer, photographer, musician and my biggest regret was not going to art school."

    - I found this line VERY VERY ME. Really! We have the same frustration. And it sucks. Haha. :D

    "Sometimes I curse, a lot—but not in front of my kids."

    - Yeah. We love to curse but not outright. Heeee maybe it's one of the perks of having a very imaginative mind. Hahah. :D


    I still really envy your clean theme. :|


  2. Hey Judy! Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it! ♥

    I am obsessed with anything white :)

    BTW, I loved what you wrote about Stephen King-- my not so secret lover. :p

    And you're currently reading Dreamcatcher! :) I have a hardbound copy of it, I bought it at Booksale yr '05. Definitely loved the story but I lost the book last year due to typhoon Ondoy. :( Make sure you have a big plastic container for the safekeeping of your collections. Always be prepared for those unpredictable typhoon scenarios. I lost almost half of my favorite books during typhoon Ondoy. Almost all my precious hardbound books. Pffft.

    TC dear! I'm an avid fan of your blog :)

  3. We shared the same sentiments on not going to Art school. Yeah! thanks to my ever supportive Dad, I've undergone excruciating pain and suffering in a prison called "Engineering Class". One of my biggest regrets. sigh.. as they say, better late than never. Photography, here i come!

  4. Hi Anonymous, thank you for reading this post.

    Yes, as always, it's better late than never. I'm a photo enthusiast too! I hope to see some of your works. :)

    Again, thanks for dropping by and maybe if you happen to have a blog as well, let me know, I'd be happy to drop by. Kudos!

    P.S. If you don't mind, I'd love to know your name, please.. If you stumbled upon my blog again, let me know. Thanks so much! God bless!


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