Sunday, August 21, 2011

Things I Love: Lazy Sundays and Some

Writer’s Block; It’s the worst feeling to have at this friggin time. It’s been weeks that I’ve been trying to write at least a level-headed entry but couldn’t think of anything to write. So let’s subdivide what has been happening to me for the past weeks.

At Camp

Last Friday was our last day at camp; I’m still at awe on how it went so unbelievably fast. I had so much fun during our Haiku writing contest. And one of my students won the said contest (yes, I’m always a proud mom). I’m teaching art and writing at the same time. It’s like my favorite idiom; I’m hitting two birds with one stone and all of that. And how I longed to have a poetry contest every week. (or maybe I should be teaching art instead, who knows?)

Station 9: Writing and Art Station

Hello, Goodbye

A student of mine asked if I could write a letter for him on his notebook. While writing, I was trying real hard holding back my tears (believe me it’s a struggle because I’m a big cry-baby). You see, sometimes even if I’d be so pissed with work-related dilemmas, I still couldn’t bear the thought of leaving these kids. And this student has treated me like his mom here in the academy. Ugh, it’s an agony. So last Friday I had a throbbing headache from too much crying. Yeah I know, it looks stupid but I don’t effing care.

But I’ll be teaching reading classes too starting Monday. How cool is that? I get paid to do what I love and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s been a month that I’ve been teaching kids. Oh how I love it. I really really do.   

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.
  ~Author Unknown

And some over the past few weeks 

Aug 1: Funch leaving for Brazil.
I miss you, Jan! :(

Aug 10: Kilt, Bagpipes and Jonathan Davis
Damn, I love a man in a skirt!

Lower box, baby! 

El cheapo bag
 from SM Department Store ;)

Two weeks that I’ve been perfecting the art of making something out of nothing (my favorite saying from EPL) and I think I’m getting better at it. I love lazy Sundays. I love snuggling next to hubby and the boys. I love DVD marathons while pigging out on junk food and laughing hysterically from too much tickling. There were times that I’d still feel lost but I wouldn’t want to trade this feeling for anything in the world. Suits me well.