Sunday, October 31, 2010

Micoy, My Great Friend, An Old Soul

One of my favorite past times is observing people. And one of my few favorite people is an officemate of mine. His name is Michael Castillo, AKA Micoy or Pablo.

It's his 80s style why I am so drawn to him. I still remember the first time I talked to him, he's wearing a floral shirt and an old Casio watch with a built-in calculator. I said to myself, I like this guy. He's an old soul. He has this sick sense of humor, a witty mind and a quick mouth. Articulate and wise.

I like people who doesn't conform to society's definition of "what's normal". I admire people who stick to their own personal uniqueness and don't give a shit of other people might say or think about them.

And here is one soul I truly admire. :)   

And one important thing I really admire about him is, he's true. He's not a nerd wannabe because he wants to be cool, he really is, one big nerd. 


  1. FLATERED AND SO OVERWHELMED. These are just the two emotions that i am feeling at the moment. Tin, I cannot remember the number of times i thanked you and praise your work. But one thing i'll never forget. - Pollie's DIY "KOKAK" costume. Kidding! Of Course, It's this blog of yours. This is my 5th time that i have been reading your article. I am very, very grateful of your recognition. This inspires me not only to try this new thing called writing but also to celebrate my individuality more. Muchas Gracias Señorita Kristine. - Micoy

  2. I'm glad you liked it. Hey, I'm your no1 fan ;)

  3. I guess that makes me no. 2! Hehe.


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