Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: The First Trimester

First month: We found out that we’re pregnant and we were elated! But I was bleeding and having cramps during my second week so we had our first sonogram to have the baby checked. The baby is really small and we didn’t even see it and it was still too early that time to detect a heartbeat. We were told to wait for a month to see if the baby can survive the contractions. No vitamins were given that time but I started drinking Anmum.

Second month: We heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time and we were just so happy. I’m still bleeding but very lightly. We had our second sonogram to check if the baby’s okay. The baby is well with good cardiac and somatic activities but we found out that I have a low lying placenta so I was ordered to have a weeklong rest from work. I started taking iron and folic acid supplements. My Ob-Gyn prescribed Ixosilan for the uterine contractions. I suffered a severe case of face rash and couldn’t eat nuts, eggs, chicken, fish and shellfish.

Third month: It was second week of the month; I was taking a bath when I felt a gush of liquid ran through my legs. I saw a lot of blood flowing profusely. I was so scared that time thinking I had a miscarriage and we went to the hospital immediately. It was the first time I got that scared all my life. We had another sonogram to check if the baby is okay. Upon hearing the baby’s heartbeat, we were relieved. I was diagnosed to have a Placenta Previa, my cervix was 3cm wide that time hence the bleeding and I have UTI. Our Ob-Gyn told me that I have to stop working and be on complete bed rest until I give birth. Week by week we waited and prayed for my cervix to close.
Pregnancy Condition: High risk; Threatened Abortion, UTI, Placenta Previa
Skin Condition: Allergies, Dry and flaky all over
Medication: Elica for skin allergy (for a week), Ixosilan for uterine contractions, Crinone Progesterone (vaginally) for bleeding, Cefalexin for UTI
Tests: Sonogram, Ultrasound, Urinalysis
Vitamins and Supplements:  Hemarate FA, Anmum Materna
Diet: Vegetarian
Fitness: NA

It’s a bit surprising because during my last two pregnancies, all I did was throw-up. Going back, I thought it was the hardest part of my pregnancy. But I’m up for a bigger surprise.

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