Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hey, Momma!

You’ll learn a lot of things from motherhood. All good things, I believe! As I ponder on my year’s life lessons, I’ve realized how being a mom made me into a better person. I know I’ve been doing this for close to 12 years now but when you have three kids, well; it’s a whole new level!

Being a mom taught me to be... PRACTICAL

Years ago, I used to think that I’m practical but have come to realize that well, I wasn’t. And then came my second son, I thought so again, but then again, I still wasn’t. It was just now I can proudly say that I’ve finally learned to be practical. Practical, not stingy! I buy what’s needed and sleep on what’s not. (It was hard at first. Haha) I still buy pretty things from time to time but I make sure that I use it, not store.

Being a mom taught me to be... AN EXCELLENT ORGANIZER.

Well, I know I’m already good at organizing things but I’ve learned to be a top-notched organizer. I’m not really bragging but when you have 3 boys, you’ll eventually learn how to. My days are always planned ahead, my schedule is written down so I won’t have to forget a single thing. We go out without a nanny, would you believe? And I have three boys at tow! That’s how organize I am.

Being a mom taught me to be... SELFLESS

Let’s be honest here, in some inevitable way, we still tend to be self-centered. Hey, that’s what social media taught us. I believe that when you’re a mom, you’re likely to be selfless because you’re responsible for another human being. That’s why we have working mothers so they can provide for their families and mothers who quit work and leave their careers so just they can be hands-on with their kids. Or petty things like giving up the purse you badly want, or a trip you’ve been planning in a long time, or finding high-end makeup dupes so just you can save. You’d do everything for your kids; it’s the most natural thing to do.

And a lot more. Motherhood, I think, is one of the hardest things to do but definitely the loveliest! So I raise my non-fat milk to all moms out there. Cheers, lovelies!  

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