Thursday, October 13, 2011

100 Day Photo Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: Something you're afraid of
(w/ 6mo old Polie)

I’m not afraid of failure, actually, I’m soooo used to it already. I’m afraid of feeling that I’m a failure as a mother. I had to work ASAP after giving birth to Polie because we need all the financial backing I could get from my job. He was barely 2mos old when I decided to go back to work. He’s 1 yr and 8mos now and I still lack confidence if I’m being a good mom to him. Some days are really hard (like today); it’s frustrating and depressing to see that he’d rather be with his yaya than be with me. I don’t know but it was so much easier when I was younger (or maybe because I have no yaya that time to feel so insecure about). Baby steps, I know I’m getting there!


  1. kaya mo yan teh! ikaw pa :)cute cute ni bimby polie :)

  2. Oedipus Complex Theory, eh? Haha! Thanks, beh! :)


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