Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Kick Off

Hubby decided to have a Valentine’s kick off weekend. He’s always looking forward to celebrating the heart’s day that he has planned to have a weekend long celebration because according to him, he wants to make it extra special. Every weekend, we always go to our parents’ house (either mine or his). Last Saturday was an exception. The kids stayed at my in-laws’ house and we decided to just stay at home. Yes, we had the house all to ourselves.

When we’re too engrossed with parental bliss, we took some time off from it. That way, we can talk and discuss matters without worrying about the kids. So here’s what we did while the kids were out.

Saturday: I did a major house cleaning. Haha! Would you believe? Because the house was so quiet and I have nothing else to do, I swept and scrubbed floors while waiting for hubby to come home. Yes, OC at its finest! We had a movie night, some cheese and wine. :)
Nay & Tay alone time. Little Fockers. Wine. Popcorn. Cheese. 

Because talking and laughing to our hearts’ content always gives us our much needed boost.

Sunday: We woke up extra early and went jogging. Well, hubby did. I mostly did the walking. I’m not wearing my running shoes (I’m saving my feet and battered TOMS from an early death) which by the way, resulted into leg pain. And since it was still early that time, we decided to passed by the church to have an early morning prayer. :)
Commerce Ave, Alabang: w/ early morning joggers

Because we’ll always find a reason to talk about silly things so we could laugh some more.

Weekend’s over. Back to mom & dad duties. Our last hurrah for the weekend. :)

cezanne's still down w/ colds
cheetos and movie night last night! :)

 Because we can’t bear to be without the kids for a long time,
 we always look forward to those sleepless nights. Oh, pure bliss.

nay and tay: w/ our matching puffy and baggy eyes :)

Happy Hearts' Day, everyone! :)


  1. Super classic, super sweet! :) Paolo Reyes, you're the luckiest man on Earth! Seriously! :) Happy ♥'s Day, Khristine and I'm sure tonight will be a blast. :) G'luck!!!

  2. Thank you so much, dear! I hope he gets to read your comment. Hahaha! Happy Vday to you and Kev! Love love! :DD


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