Friday, February 11, 2011

Juana; A Failed Yogi

Practicing vegetarianism led me to yoga. Exactly five years ago, my materialistic and shallow self used to think that yoga is just a trendy fashion statement. Models, celebrities are raving about it and since I was also stick-thin that time, why not give it a try?

my shallow yoga practice

In a spiritual context, yoga is a state of union with the Divine or an experience of oneness with the great Reality. Yoga means to direct your mind towards God, to realize your oneness with the Divine Consciousness. Beyond the postures and exercises, the ancient teachings of yoga aim at lasting, loving union with the Supreme. That’s how my love for yoga started (if you’ve read Eat Pray Love by Liz Gilbert, you’ll know exactly what I meant).

I have a love-hate relationship with it. At times, I still think that it’s just a fad. A confusion, like I’m caged in my own hyped up contraption. But I keep coming back, like an old beaten up record player that keeps on playing the same old ratty song. So I just let it be.   
It’s good to be confused sometimes. It’s what keeps me grounded. :)


  1. I srsly think I need to be engaged with yoga. I think I've had too much stress from the Real world that I need to find a place where I would think of nothing, and feel nothing but peace. Too bad I don't know how to start, cos my schedule forbids me. Whew.

  2. Let me know if you need books. I'll lend you some. Make time for it. Makes wonders! :)

  3. Hi Juana, I totally feel you. It's really being hyped that's why sometimes it gets confusing. Hopefully, I get to do real yoga soon!

  4. Hi Ms. Dang! You should! Might be hard at first but you'll get the hang of it eventually. :)

    Thanks for dropping by! Appreciate it! ♥

  5. hi, it's nice seeing other Filipinos who are vegetarian and into yoga. :) Me too, i stopped yoga but i think we are not failures- we just need practice. :) would love to meet you.

  6. Oh wow, would love to meet you too! Yes, I agree w/ you. We just need practice. :) Thanks for dropping by, Liza! ♥


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