Tuesday, February 22, 2011

100 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1 & 2

I’ve been seeing this 60 day photo challenge in FB and since I want to encourage the camwhore/photo enthusiast in me, I’m giving it a go (so I could blog more too), but I’m going for the 100 day photo challenge. (Hahaha! it’s too much for the camwhore in me). I don’t want this to be routinary so I’m keeping it in random. I’m doing Day 1 & 2 today (I was supposed to start yesterday but got lazy) Here it goes. :)

Day 1
  A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

15 Facts: 
1) I love being alone.
2) I’m a sucker for white lilies. 
3) I love wearing hats/bonnets.
4) My belly button piercing was a DIY.
5) I shaved my head once (well the barber did).
6) I have a high tolerance for pain. 
7) I’m afraid of heights.
8) I love zombie flicks. 
9) The movie; The Exorcism of Emily Rose scared the shit out of me for weeks!
10) I make mini sculptures from (my/our) used coffee cups,
paper cartons/towels when hanging out at a coffee shop. 
11) I love facial hair on men, and glasses too!
12) I love listening to sad songs.
13) I love red high heels.
14) I can’t sleep alone.
15) I’m a big crybaby.

Day 2
A picture of you and the person
 you have been close with for the longest

(Badminton Days, circa ’05) I’ve known Paula since yr ’03. Like my Mom, we used to have a love-hate relationship. We’re complete opposites and somehow managed to get along so well. She’s the queen bee of bargain hunting and the original cheapskate. ;)

Here’s the FB link to the 60 Day Photo Challenge. Try it! It seems fun! :) 


  1. i know 365 project... kaso kakatamad magpicture ng magpicture and dapat picture mo for 365 days! hehehe! good luck! :)

  2. Hahaha! Ningas cogon naman ako, Ate. Good luck talaga! :P

  3. Wow! Good luck on this! :) This is really challenging. Haha! :D


    Me too, The Exorcism scared the hell out of me for years! LOL And WOW at the DIY belly button piercing!!!

  4. Yesss. Talk about pressure! Hahaha! :DD The 100 day challenge was supposed to be a weight loss motivation and since I've been losing weight lately, I got inspired to camwhore, LOL. Hence the photo challenge. ;)

    I've had nightmares for weeks after watching it. And yes, WOW at the DIY piercing. Masochist me. LOL. :P

  5. Wow cool! Whoever thought of this must've a lot of spare time on his hands. Anyway, been missing snapping shots (snapping?!) so I think I'm gonna try this one. Don't know if I can keep it up within 10 days. How much more a hundred. Die procrastination, die! Haha!

    - Max Miller (What?! Airon Faustine? Now you know my real name! Haha. So much for anonymity at Wordpress.)


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