Monday, January 3, 2011

Manic Monday: A BAD BAD Virus

Remember my Holidazed Twenty Ten post regarding Cezanne being on top of his health? Well, I guess the universe is playing tricks on me again. :(

It was just hours before New Year’s Eve when Cezanne started to pass stool after every feeding. We had him checked by his pediatrician (good thing that she also resides in the same village) and we were told that he contracted a severe type of diarrhea caused by ROTAVIRUS.

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I was shocked. How can he get it? I am so wary of bacteria and dirt in our home making sure his toys, utensils and cot are clean and properly sanitized all the time. He uses distilled water for his milk formula and we even boil it! His bath water is purified water. So, how on earth did he get it??

When I was still pregnant, I saw a TV commercial advertising the ROTAVIRUS vaccine. I immediately told myself that I’m getting this vaccine for Cezanne. There are no meds/drugs for infant diarrhea, you just need to monitor your child making sure that he’s properly hydrated every time he passes stool (that’s why it’s very important to look for signs of dehydration).
When I gave birth and asked his pediatrician (his first) if he could get a shot for the ROTAVIRUS vaccine (which is normally between 3-4mos), his pediatrician told us that it isn’t necessary, plus there was still (at that time) unruled side effects of the said vaccine that she didn’t recommend having it taken.

At first, I thought it was his erupting lateral incisor (he also had a slight fever on the second day). And it’s quite normal (for some babies) to have diarrhea when a new tooth erupts (as they chew on things to alleviate gum pain). But when he started to pass stool after every feeding, it was alarming already and we decided to have him checked.

It was New Year’s Eve and I was just inside the room (my in laws’ guest room) looking after for Cezanne. I’m still thankful despite of almost non- stop stool passing, he’s still active (although a little cranky)-- a good sign that hes getting better. 

day 3: a lot better :)

It has been three days and I hope his freakin’ diarrhea stops.
And I’m doing a major house cleaning today with Lysol overdose, just in case.

last night: two more rooms to go! 

Happy Monday, everyone (still staying positive in negative times)! :) 


  1. Oh my! Poor baby :( Luna's about to have her last shot of rotavirus vaccine. I was hesitant at first because of the hefty expense per shot, now I'm glad her pedia sort of insisted it. Hope he gets well soon dear.

    p.s. His bath water's purified?! Naconscious tuloy ako sa pampaligo ni baby... But then again, mountain water seems to be okay for her.

  2. He's a lot better now, Ms. Gay. It was hubby who wants his bath water purified (he's more OC than me when it comes to the baby, BTW). Sometimes, I blame myself for being a neat freak, diba sabi masama daw ang masyadong malinis? He's more prone to being sick when exposed to public places. It's one reason why he seldom go out. Oh well. :(


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