Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey, Jealousy!

It was minutes before my birthday ends and I was already crying over a stupid fight. While checking for messages on my FB account, minutes before the clock strikes twelve, a friend, tagged me in a wall post. And what do you know, it made me cry more buckets.  

People close to me knew about how I depressingly celebrate Christmas, New Year and my birthday. There’s something about these occasions that makes me overly sad. But three other people (besides my boys) made me the happiest on my birthday. Three people who wrote me a blog post and made me smile, cry and cry some more.

Paul is my sister’s boyfriend and a dear friend of mine, wrote me a birthday poem. 

Ms. Gay's
Ms. Gay, a fellow hippie mom or popularly known as the Pinay Travel Junkie, wrote me a blog post.
This is really unexpected. I’ve known her through her blog, Pinay Travel Junkie.
 She’s a mom to a beautiful daughter, Luna and a Pseudo-hippie like me.

Judy is my friend/officemate’s sister (Erin). She’s a fellow Stephen King fan and the ExCommunicado.
 The hopeless romantic, whose writing makes me grin like a silly schoolgirl and the person
who made me cry buckets minutes before my birthday ends. 

Thank you so much, guys. You have no idea how these posts made me the happiest.


  1. Wow! You deserve more than these blog posts, really. But were happy that we made you happy through these simple gifts. ;)

  2. I was feeling really down that time but you saved the day! Thank you, dear! :)


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