Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY: Pressing Mineral Pigments

The sunny-windy weather today got me inspired to do something, well, sunny.

I was reorganizing my make up stash and feeling a little crafty today. I saw some unused MMU in my kit and decided to have them pressed. I’ve been planning to do this a long time but can’t seem to find the right moment, because; a) I’m too lazy, b) I’ve lost my MU mojo and c) I’m just not in the mood. Thank goodness for the nice weather, I’m back on my feet again. Time to reduce, reuse and recycle! :)

 what you’ll need:
 minerals, spatula, cotton buds, isopropyl/ethyl alcohol, sheets of paper

You just need to mix the minerals with alcohol. I used ethyl alcohol because it’s plant derived (isopropyl alcohol is more drying than ethyl), although I know the alcohol will evaporate eventually so none ever touches the skin, it’s just the OC in me. :P

I prefer to use cottonbuds (for mixing) because it’s more sanitary. Snip off the tip and you’re all set. (Again, it’s just me. You may also use spatula or toothpick.)

I’ve read from beauty forums that pressing minerals with alcohol is not a good idea because the finished product tends to be flaky, making it more susceptible to breakage. Ellana (a local MMU brand) has added Kaolin clay in its new formulation. Kaolin clay has oil absorbing properties and also works as a binder. (and it works!) :)

Leave it overnight to dry.
The thinner consistency, the longer it takes to dry. Mix thoroughly to avoid clumping.

This is great for recycling those (pretty) empty make-up palettes! Just make sure to clean and sanitize correctly to avoid any bacterial growth. (great for custom colors too!) :)

waiting for it to set

tada! the finished product!

after drying overnight: all set and ready for usage
no more spills and messy MU stash! :)

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