Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rotavirus on Day 4 and Other Random Ramblings

Cezanne’s a lot better now compared to two days ago. But last night, he threw (yet again) another uncontrollable crying fit. It’s 8PM and he’s still half awake, then he started crying at 930PM and this went on for two hours, he just won’t stop. We checked his temperature, temperature’s normal—he doesn’t have a fever. We lowered down the AC thermostat and we wrapped him in layer of blankets (thinking it was the cold), still nothing happened. I rubbed Aceite de Manzanilla (it’s a combination of chamomile and citronella oil which help alleviate gas pain) on his tummy because I’ve noticed his tummy turned rock hard (a sign of infant colic); he stopped crying for a while, but started crying again, now, even louder. His face’s so red from crying and we started to panic. We called his yaya downstairs and to my disappointment, he stopped crying when his yaya carried him. I felt from that moment how useless I am as a mom. To make matters worse, I could hear Manang’s (our older nanny) instantaneous rant about folkloric medicine. I felt so insecure because I’m the mother and I can’t do anything about my son’s condition. So I pretended I was asleep and I let them take care of him. By 12 midnight, Cezanne’s already sleeping. He woke up again at 1AM, again, crying. I carried him in my arms and to my surprise, he stopped crying. He fell asleep in my arms while we were on the bedroom couch. It was a moment of pure bliss. And suddenly, I’m okay, my worries melted away just like that.

This morning as I was cleaning Cezanne’s room, I’ve noticed the back portion of the Lysol can (as I was about to spray it in Cezanne’s room), says:


Damn it! I guess my trusty Messy Bessy Tea Tree Disinfectant spray is not potent enough to kill those dreary viruses. 

has been a staple household cleanser for years

On a lighter note, hubby got me a heeled Oxford shoes as his (better late than never) Christmas present. I almost cried when I was able to get hold of them. Since we started living in our own home and got caught up with marital and parenting bliss, we seldom buy things for ourselves anymore. I’m grateful for the insights family life had taught me. It made me more appreciative of people, situations and sweet nothings. I am loving this thing called “adult phase” and I think I’m getting better at it. :)

best thing about it: a real bargain! ;)

day 4: better than yesterday's better :)
(w/ lolo Pol)


  1. Wow, the shoes are perfect! :D That rotavirus seems a scary threat to health. Hope your baby gets well soonest. :D

  2. And it's really cheap! Unexpectedly good find because it's my size! It was meant to be! LOL. :)) Thanks, dear. He's a lot better now. We just got back from the pedia. Thank goodness! :) But the colic would still be there for the time being, hello (again), sleepless nights! :P


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