Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holidazed Twenty Ten

fattening yuletide munchies 

I've always had the holiday blues. I don’t particularly like Christmas day. To me, it's just an ordinary day; with lots of food and some gift giving on the side.

My 2010 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. I still don’t know how I was able to cope with all that has happened, and for all that, I’m grateful. 
He had to be in an incubator for 2 days cos
 according to the doctor, he has weak lungs and
 needed antibiotics for medication.

It was this year that I gave birth to my second child. I still vividly remember how scared we were during my labor, and how we fear for Cezanne’s life. I had an emergency CS operation because of the baby’s slow heartbeat. I was half awake during the operation and I could hear my OB and the nurses’ distressed conversation. I didn’t hear the baby cried when he came out and I was so dammed worried. They didn’t even take a picture of him so I thought it was that bad. He was confined in NICU and was incubated for two days. I saw him a day after giving birth. I wanted so badly to breastfeed but couldn’t because he still lay helplessly inside the incubator’s cot with all the complicated tubes attached to his small and fragile body.  Looking back, it made Pao and I closer than we were before. Cezanne’s now a healthy active baby and has never contracted any serious illness to date (crossing fingers). 

Polie playing with Kuya's NERF gun

Polie with Daddy and his
organic biscuits
It was this year that I vowed to be an organic convert. I haven’t used a product with parabens for a year now. Quite expensive and time consuming because some household products are not readily available and you still need to purchase it online. But so worth it! Hubby is now also an organic convert. I love how he shows initiative in keeping a sustainable household consumption. He once bought “organic” teething biscuits for Cezanne. I couldn’t be more proud of him. 

It was this year that I’ve become more closer to the higher being. My faith is usually I kept to myself, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m still lost regarding this area of my life. But it was this year that we, hubby and I have resolved our conflicts regarding my chosen faith. And I couldn’t be happier.    

Like what I used to say, writing will always save my sanity. I’m back to blogging again this year and I’m glad that I’ve made some cyberfriends and would love to meet them some day. Hello, Judiya of exCOMMUNICADO who loves Stephen King as much as I do and Ms. Gay or the Hippie Mum as I fondly call her of Pinay Travel Junkie! :)

A family crisis, a postponed wedding, we were tested financially, emotionally and mentally and yet we were able to survive it all. I’ve come to embrace family life with deepest appreciation. I’ve become closer to friends and my parents. I’ve learned a lot from this year’s experiences, I wouldn’t say that it made me a better person but it changed the way how I percept things.

Yuletide 2010: Go Team Checkered! :)

Last month, I was so devastated that I badly wanted this year come to an end. But looking back, it made me realize that life is not all about regrets. It is how you see things in a different light. I love my 2010, the good, the bad and the ugly side of it. 


  1. OMG did I just read my name on your post? ;) Woah thank you! You know, my blogging has never been as great as the year that passed. Honestly, I became encouraged to write knowing that 'Juana Kristina Rosa' will definitely like my link no matter what it is. :) I really appreciate your support to my writing career!!! :D More posts on 2011! Take care and you're really blessed! ♥

  2. Your writing has a special spot in my heart. I don't know why, I guess in some ways, I see myself in you when I was still your age. More posts! Yey! and more poetry writing! Thank you so much, dear!

    All the best! ♥Juana


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