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Sustainable Beauty: Human ♥Nature Recent Haul

I would be raving about my organic hauls. Don’t worry; this is not your usual beauty blog as I won’t be blabbering about beauty loots, okay, you get the picture. :P My advocacy has always been skin care and locally organic/natural products. We have lots of world class quality organic produce, all you have to do is research; it’s how I stumbled upon my HG skin care products. I’ve been an organic convert since I became pregnant with my second child. I’ve been using Human Nature products for quite some time now. And I would like to share to you guys, my favorite Human nature products.

Let me brief you first about the Human Nature advocacy.

Gandang Kalikasan, Inc., the company that brings you the Human Nature range of natural beauty products is founded on three core principles of being

Seeing these three advocacies, made me support the brand more. It’s what I always used to say, it’s beautifying with a cause. You’re hitting two birds with one stone, but in this particular case; it’s more likely hitting three birds.  

Human Nature products use raw materials that can be found locally. They have a natural seal like those products sold in Healthy Options store, that way, you are guaranteed that you’re getting genuinely organic/natural goods that are best for you and the environment.  

My All Time Favorites:

Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash in Rosemary Scent

I’m not particularly keen on hair products as I’ve always paid no attention to my hair. Since I usually kept my hair in a bun or a ponytail, I am not that OC when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. My first Human nature shampoo that I bought is the Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash (Yes, you read that right, a body wash!). Now, I don’t particularly like this variant in Cucumber, it makes my hair really frizzy but when the Rosemary variant came out, I fell in love with it! Again, organic shampoos are not that good when it comes to making your hair soft and shiny, but it is good enough for making your hair squeaky clean. You just have to follow with a good hair conditioner. I like using this shampoo as a body wash whenever I ran out of soap or after a long rendezvous on the beach as it really soothes the skin. It makes a nice lather and I love the earthy herb smell. My hubby and eldest is a fan of this shampoo. True to its word, it does minimize hair loss as it strengthens the hair strands.

*Natural and biodegradable*
my HG body wash

Sunflower Beauty Oil

I’m a big fan of their multi-purpose Sunflower beauty oil! I use it as face moisturizer, make- up remover, body moisturizer and sometimes as massage oil for Cezanne whenever I ran out of BNHMS's BabyOil lotion. Talk about versatility, eh? Makes the skin soft and minimizes fine lines if used religiously. Cheap and oh so good!

Tip: Two pumps from the bottle, mix it with two caplets of vitamin E, dab to slightly damp skin.
 It made my stretch marks less visible and really does tighten my post pregnancy tummy skin. It is a great moisturizer for expectant moms out there! :)

*100% natural and biodegradable* 
my all purpose moisturizing oil

Hydrating face Toner: Moringa and Aloe Vera

I love the Moringa toner, but when I got to try this, I can say that it is way better than the original formulation. I can skip the early morning moisturizer as it doesn’t dry up my skin. It makes my skin dewy and well, moisturized. I think it’s the added aloe vera that makes it more hydrating. Contains no alcohol so it doesn’t sting.

Tip: You may skip the AM moisturizer if you have oily to combination skin.
Just make sure to apply sunscreen.

*100% natural and biodegradable*

All Natural Spray Sanitizer in Citrus Burst

I am so loving this! It has a refreshing scent. Reminiscent of dalandan (a local name for tangerine orange) and lemon combined into one. I use this as a room deodorizer, hand sanitizer and a disinfectant for Cezanne’s toys.

*100% natural and biodegradable*    

Balancing facial wash: Orange and Elemi with Bamboo Scrubs

I remember buying a milder facial scrub as I’ve read that even the mildest granulated facial wash can still worsen skin conditions. I already finished a tube of Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating facial wash and I loved it! But as you can see, although Celeteque is paraben and fragrance- free, it’s not organic/natural, so imagine my delight when I found out that Human Nature have this version of the facial wash I’ve been raving for since last month. It has the same consistency as the Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating facial wash, but has denser granules and mild peppermint scent and feel as it leaves your skin with a mild tingly feel.

Tip: Use only once to twice a week if you have sensitive skin.
 Follow with toner and moisturizer immediately if you have dry skin.

*99.85% natural and biodegradable*

There you have it! Human Nature offers a wide range of affordable and quality products. I’ve witnessed their growth as they venture into more product options. They now have a deodorant and feminine wash, even mineral MU too! I also noticed that they had already printed the expiry date on their products, unlike before. It’s very helpful as organic products expire faster than your commercial household products as it contains little or no preservative at all. You can contact your Human Nature dealer or go directly to their website to purchase. Let’s support our locally organic products!

see? :)

*If you have allergies to natural products like bee pollen or nuts, better to have the products tested first as it may result to a nasty rash or adverse skin reaction. And always store your organic loots below room temperature and away from direct sunlight.*

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