Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Post Birthday Post

I never intended to show up on your birthday because I wanted to surprise you.
 But you know how bad I am when it comes to surprises.
 I'm so sorry if I haven't texted you the whole day of your birthday. :P 

Do you still remember how Mom would always buy us the same Christmas dress?
My favorite was the red polka dot dress with our matching white ballerina shoes.
From then on, I’ve always felt that we have a connection.

It never seizes to amaze me, how sometimes we both have the same song in our heads and that we could talk just by looking and smirking at each other.

I would always be grateful for treating Theodore as if he was your own.
 He loves you the same as much as he loves me.

I’ll always be sorry for being so mean when we’re still kids,
 that I didn’t give you a chance to be close to me that point of my life.

I’m always sorry for not letting you watch your favorite cartoon
 show Little Lulu, just so I could watch MTV.
 I’m always sorry that I’ve not been a good playmate
 just because I can’t stand playing with dolls.

I always wanted to be different, but when I’m with you, 
I’m not different anymore.

We love our rock n roll and can’t live without it even if we’re both musically impaired.
We love our red lipstick but we’re both lazy to apply it religiously.
We love to dress up and staying perpetually thin was an epic fail for us.
We love our eyeliners and we’re scared to death showing our faces without it.
I didn’t realized how we’re exactly the same until someone pointed it out.
I used to hate how we always have the same likes but then I realized we couldn’t share clothes or borrow each other’s stuff and it’ll be such a bore.

my skirt and our matching dunks ;)

Happy birthday my invisible twin, my sister and my best friend.
I love you so so dearly.

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