Monday, December 20, 2010


T: have you been to People's Park in Tagaytay?
N: Hmmm... Not yet. Tara (come), let's go there.


It was Saturday, the date was December 18, 2010.
We're supposed to get married that day, on a Saturday.
It was supposed to be a beach wedding.

We initially planned to go somewhere far, where we can go either by plane or a boat ride. But I chose to be a cheapskate, I decided to have a mini getaway instead. 

Braving the fog and nasty rainfall

Our first romantic jeepney ride together :)

Tagaytay has been my "perk me up" place of all time. I told Tatay I really wanted to go to a place where I can be reminded of the good times that we had. He agreed.

The date was a surprise. He was able to get a reservation at Chateau Hestia and specifically requested a small nook in the resto away from prying eyes. I was thinking of our plans for next year, the kids and their future, the bills that we need to pay, the ever growing needs of the family. Plus I can't eat because of the expensive menu and was really contemplating whether to cry or not due to overwhelming emotions of happiness and weariness. And because I'm not wearing a waterproof mascara, I decided not to, or else I'll end up looking like a freakin' raccoon.

Then it hit me. What we have is a marriage. A partnership. 
And I realized that I've been married for almost two years now.     

Best date ever. I love you so much, Tatay!
I am the most happiest when we're together.
Ring or without ring. Paper or no paper.  


  1. Eat, pray, love is a great life philosophy and I see that's how you're living yours (nope, I haven't seen the movie). Cheers to more 'we-time's and romantic cheap dates :)

  2. Ms. Gay, it was so nice of you to drop by! Thanks so much! I love romantic cheap dates! :))

  3. Wow! Just read this now! :) I'm glad you had the time of your life on your wedding date. :) Just enjoy everything that you share together, after all, marriage is about the two of you, and not the ceremony alone. ;)

  4. Yes, I couldn't agree more. All the best, Judy! :)


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