Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I’m Back To Blogging

Me: “What’s w/ Facebook anyway? Why all the fuss?”
My sister: “It’s an improved version of Friendster, plus cool applications. Why not make one?”

Why not?

I created my Facebook account two years ago (Yes, I’m a late bloomer) primarily because my siblings and my hubby has it. Facebook is a great way to kill time especially when you’re super bored, re-connect with long lost friends, schoolmates, batch mates and relatives from faraway places.

I never understood people who update status several hours a day—more than 5x a day is too much, or how someone would tell the world (to know) exactly what they’re doing as of the moment—e.g. : “Having some retail therapy @ATC”, brag about their recent travel or the things they had just bought. I used to tell myself: “The hell I care, I don’t give a sh*t!” But that perception changed early this year. Well the first few months weren’t that obvious. I mean, I would post status updates in a weekly basis, post pictures from time to time and that’s about it. Without me knowing it, I’m already hooked. 

Last week, I read from a Yahoo article about Facebook addiction only to disgust myself that I have the early signs of it. At first, I was in denial, later on that I realized I’m somehow addicted to it. It used up my free time checking on friends’ status updates, commenting to threads, answering stupid surveys, using the “LIKE” button too much. Suddenly, what others might think, matters to me. From what I read, the most effective way to eradicate the addiction is to go “cold turkey” which is also the hardest especially if you’re stuck in the house w/ no cable TV and you have nothing else to do—poor me.

I can’t go cold turkey, not just yet. I’m not that addicted anyway, but I have to do something about it before it worsens. This has to stop. I did things to keep my mind off Facebook. I’m back to yoga and chanting (again). I make it a point to finish at least 1-2 books in a week. Spending most of my time in the kitchen cooking complicated dishes. Playing w/ my kids, eating cheese and drinking wine w/ hubby while watching reruns of our favorite TV series in DVDs. I decided to write/blog again.

Writing, (again), saved my sanity. I’m glad I’m back to my old self.

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