Thursday, September 23, 2010

I’m Back To Blogging!

For years I’ve been in a love-hate relationship w/ online blogging. I abandoned several blog sites (which I painstakingly created—the OC in me) after 4-5 blog entries. I’ve been making excuses like constantly forgetting usernames and passwords, not enough creative juices to make a decent entry (Me:  Today’s not my day, maybe tomorrow I can write something acceptable or appropriate) OR me just being lazy. And then I realized that life is too short to waste on petty things. Might as well do what I love doing.

There are 5 things that I love about life-- my faith, my family, my penchant for the environment, my love for reading and writing (or blogging,whatever you call it). There’s something about writing that makes me feel safe. When I’m writing my mind is at peace, I can be myself. I don’t need to conform to society’s description of what’s “normal”. And I loved how it felt.

Since I already resigned from work and I’m a full time mommy now, I have all the time I need to blog (again). Note to self: No more lame excuses. Finally after a long time, I’m back to blogging again, well I hope.   


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