Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Cheap Eats: Yogie Island VS Mini Stop

I love frozen yogurts in general, but not this
 particular one from Yogie Island.
 I was so disappointed on the taste :(

After our very late dinner last night, we went to Yogie Island at BF Homes to sample their frozen yogurt. We bought two large plain yogurts and added 3 toppings for each. Mine has 3 different chocolate toppings-- choc mallows, choc chip and colorful sugar coated choc. Hubby had oreo, gummy bears and candy sprinkles for his toppings, costing us a total of 270PHP all in. They only have 2 sizes for the yogurt—regular and large. They also have flavored yogurt and smoothies. They have a wide selection of toppings and even have Chocnut! We’re a bit disappointed on the taste. We had expected the yogurt to be a little sweeter (like from other Yogurt stores), but it tastes like the real thing. It’s a good thing we had chosen sweeter toppings to neutralize the sourness of the yogurt. The texture is smooth but it’s not that creamy. The serving sizes are too small so it’s really not a value for money. But the place is so cozy! They have UNO Stacko and other boardgames that you can play w/ while inside the store. The store itself has Wi-Fi. The place is so "sosyal" but what they sell is not worth it.

Today, I finally had a taste of Mini-Stop’s soft ice cream. Hubby has been bugging me to try it since the day he had tasted it. We saw a Mini-Stop store while on the way to Amang’s shop and urged me to give it a try. The ice cream cone only costs 15PHP, the ice cream is not too sweet plus it comes in a semi-sweet Belgian cone. The serving is big; a single ice cream cone can be shared by two persons. I loved it! Better than the yogurt from Yogie Island and it also costs only a fraction of it.

Mini-Stop's soft ice cream
The Verdict: 
I could never be a "sosyal" person. Sorry, but if I want a good tasting yogurt plus benefits, I'd rather buy one from the grocery.

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