Tuesday, September 28, 2010

O Vera, Vera, Wherefore Art Thou Vera?


My mind can’t seem to wander off the Vera Wang design that I wanted for my wedding dress. Before Amang’s design, I already have a gown in mind. It’s a strapless tulle ballgown w/ belted black sash. But since I’m still on the heavy side and would have to lose the weight that I gained during my pregnancy, Amang made a flattering design so I’d look slimmer. He designed an empire-cut gown. I loved what he just did and for some time, it took off the dream wedding gown that I wanted, not until yesterday.

I was browsing through my wedding folders and saw the Vera Wang dress that I initially planned to have as my wedding dress. Thinking of having the black belted sash added to Amang’s design; I immediately sent an email to Amang w/ picture of the Vera gown. I asked him if he can still incorporate the black belted sash to the gown that he designed and if it would look good even if it’s not a strapless gown. To my delight—he agreed and he loved the idea! There would be little alterations on the gown that he designed but the idea and details would still be there. Ohhhh and I thought I was excited before. Now I’m ecstatic! 

Before I got pregnant w/ my second child, I used to weight about 110lbs and I am 5’7’ tall. Yes, I used to be thin before. Having a CS operation made my recovery period slower and losing the weight that I gained was a lot harder compared to having a normal delivery. Yesterday, I did some research on how fast a person can lose the post-partum weight after delivery. To my delight, I still have ample time to do it-- with sensible eating and regular exercise of course. I’m really excited! It’s a good thing I’m not that stressed out anymore. If I can lose that much weight, I can have the strapless gown that I wanted!

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