Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Sunday: An Accidental Euphoria

Nov 15, 2010: I am watching the movie Inception today and can’t help but think what a convenient life I still have. For all that, I get to watch a good movie despite of being broke.
 Thank God for cheap DVDs! Happy Friday!

It was an entry in my journal the other last Friday. I don’t know if it was the movie that moved me or the surge of happiness that fills me. I feel genuinely blessed because despite of having just enough, we still get to enjoy simple pleasures in life.

Here are 5 circumstances that I’m thankful for being broke or having just enough:

1. I’m thankful for TIME

I’m not really good in time management, in fact, I sucked at it. It’s one reason why I can’t work in an office and do my maternal duties afterwards in a timely basis. Since I resigned from work, I was able to have all the time that I need to take care of my family, strategically planning my own version of a gourmet meal to please their impeccable taste in food choices and being a hands-on Mom to my youngest, Polie.

Cezanne and Theodore

And finishing 2-3 books in a week, writing in a weekly basis, and organizing our closet space in a daily basis which is therapeutic for me.  

I’m thankful because I have all the time I need to be a mom, a wife and an individual.

2. I’m thankful for GOOD HEALTH

We have a Pescetarian household. Our food menu consists mainly of tofu, vegetables and fish. My hubby is hypertensive and it helped lowered down his blood pressure. My eldest learned to eat his greens. We seldom get sick and our skin is glowing.

I’m thankful because I encouraged my family to eat sensibly,
 keeping them on top of their health.

a typical meal in our home

3. I’m thankful for FAMILY BONDING

Because watching in a movie house would cost us more money to spend, I decided to have weekly DVD marathons instead. It’ll be cartoon night every Friday and chic flick night every Saturday. It has been a routine that we do for 4mos now. We would eat chips, popcorn, chocolates, cheese and drink wine. We would talk, laugh and reminisce the good old times. My eldest would watch with us on a Friday cartoon night eating cheese and discussing movie synopsis with his Dad.

I’m thankful because we still get to watch a good movie, pig out on junk food and drink wine, the three of us together, talking and laughing to our hearts’ content.

Our typical Friday or Saturday night

4. I’m thankful for MOM & DAD ALONE TIME

We still go out every payday. Hubby would treat me to food joints or budget-friendly restos that we haven’t tried yet. We made it a vow to go out on dates and pretend that we’re still on our dating/courtship stage which I think, helped us to keep the fire burning after years of being together. It gave us ample quality time to talk about almost anything, from food cravings, workloads and stress, to raising our kids and personal issues we need to resolve, giving us a better understanding of how a marriage works.

Because we just love to eat together,
 I’m thankful we could still go out on dates and eat good food.

at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

5. I’m thankful for FAMILY VALUES

At an early age, my eldest learned to improvise. Instead of asking for expensive gadgets, he opted to ask for books and art supplies. I’d like to think that in a way, I taught and encouraged him to be creative and helped in honing his artistic skills. Unlike other kids his age, he’s not into materialistic gains. He’s more mature for his age, smarter, articulate and kind-hearted.

I’m thankful that I was able to raise a wonderful kid.

Eric's early artworks at 4yo

We’re not a religious family, we seldom go to church, but we make sure to pray and ask for guidance everyday. We may have different beliefs in life, my husband and I, but I’m thankful we remained grounded in our faith and rely in God.
I’m thankful we have this universal ground we call faith.


I could never be more blessed for having just enough. Most importantly, I’m thankful for a husband whose sole purpose in life is to make life easier for me, who gave me not just financial security but emotional stability as well and I couldn't be more thankful enough.

Trick of Treat '10

I’m thankful for having a family I call my own.

Kuya, Polie and Dad


  1. Aww... You have a very wonderful family, Khristine! :) I really admire you! Really, you are blessed! And I feel like you were teary-eyed while/after writing this post... :) Now I am really looking forward to having 'a family i can call my own'. :) God bless your family and thanks so much for your uplifting comments! :)

  2. You always have time to read and comment on my posts. Thanks so much, Judy! I really appreciate it! You will have too, in time w/ Kevin. All the best! :)


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