Sunday, November 14, 2010

Food Trip Friday: Food de Sentosa

First timers to try Singaporean food.

I love how their menu looks like.
 It looks like an ancient tablet.

My Air Bandung or "Rose Tea", YUMMY tea. :)


Tatay's and Bes's beef and lamb Satay

Soya Garlic Prawns--
 we initially intended to order Cereal Prawn but we want
 something w/ sauce so we ordered this one instead,
 now we regret not getting the Cereal Prawn because
 according to our friend Jen it is to die for.
 Well, there's always a next time. :p

I'm bad at remembering food names,
 but I checked Food de Sentosa's menu and
 this one is called: "Pulot Hitam". It's like champorado
 w/out the chocolate and it has coconut milk,
 extraordinarily yummy! Best thing about it--
it's on the house! Nice, eh? :) 

the aftermath

Hubby and Bes

The verdict:
Food's yummy and reasonably priced for an authentic Singaporean food. 
Cozy place, owner's super nice, making food suggestions and patient enough in answering our queries cos we're clueless on what to eat that night, Lol. Definitely worth trying and next time we'll make sure to order the Cereal Prawn. Great food and service! Kudos! :)

Learn more about it at:


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