Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obviously Oblivious

Cleaning is a way of how I cope up with "too-much-to handle" situations.

I'm quite obsessed with cleaning the house. Arranging and disarranging my books and dvds, throwing out things that I don't need anymore, organizing our closet space, cleaning the kitchen counter and etcetera. I'm obsessed with cleaning because I badly hoped that it'll be that easy when it comes to dealing with real life problems. It'll be easy as sweeping or dusting off furniture, sadly it's not.

Pain and suffering are integral part of our life.

But it's not always about pain. You don't need to suffer, you need to live. You don't need to lose, you need to be open to risk. You don't impress people, you stick your neck out and be judged. It's not about suffering, but how you see things and deal with it. It's about allowing yourself to feel. It's about being real.

"Mahirap maging babae. mahirap maging kapatid, anak, asawa, ina." from my friend Jen (It’s hard to be a woman. It’s hard to be a sister, daughter, wife and mother.)

How do you cope up with tragedies when you have your own problems to worry about? 

I'm taking a step back. Distressing as it may seem, but I have to escape from it for the time being. I just hope I'm making the right decision this time.

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  1. Yeah, it may be the hardest being a woman, but as the mother of an adorable kid, the wife of a loving husband, and a sister to awesome siblings is really worth it all. After all, you are not alone in the battle. I'll pray for you! :) God bless you, Khristine! :*

  2. Thanks Judy! This too shall pass! :)


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