Friday, May 20, 2011

Things I Love: Fridays And Some

If you happen to be a reader of this blog, you’ll notice that I’ve reverted back to its old template which is white. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning (and throwing out junk I don’t need—this is literally and metaphorically) and since I want everything to be spotless and immaculate, hence. Plus, I’m obsessed with anything white. But if you know me well, there’s a slight chance I might be changing it, maybe if I get depressed again. :p

I created this blog almost a year ago to showcase artsy-fartsy stuff; but haven’t been posting a single artwork. I know, forgive the laziness. And the only time I get to be artistically driven is when I’m desolate and afflicted. Yes, I’ve got a little of Van Gogh Syndrome (which happens to be my favorite painter too, btw). Except of course for the self-mutilation! Soon, maybe? (I mean to create a work of art! Ha-ha!)

It’s Friday and I’m in love! I’m aware of how cheesy it is. But usually, my Friday night means I get to binge on chocolates (okay, maybe just a little bar will do). And some things I’m loving right now. :)

My Laundry Companion: SURF Liquid Detergent

It’s a hard working liquid laundry detergent and it’s keeping the sniffles at bay. Cheap and effective!

My Miracle Workers: Olive Oil + Vitamin E Caplets

I have a C- section scar on my bikini line. It’s been a year and the scar has been breaking up (it’s started to flatten and soften already). Thank you my miracle workers! It’s all natural and void of any harmful chemicals.

My Running Shoes

I never thought I’d truly enjoy jogging. Because I’m asthmatic and a total klutz, I’ve never given it much thought (and I find it dreadfully boring). But it changed a few months back and I think I’m getting the hang of it. I love my running shoes because it’s keeping me fit and because my Mom gave them to me.

My Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

I’ve been looking for this kind of swimsuit for the longest time. I love anything retro! It’s got dots and stripes, a ruffle triangle top, on sale (20% off) and my size (size 0! Yay! I’m getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, hooray!)!

My feel good song; because I just can’t help but smile. Yes, I’m always in love on a Friday night. Happy Friday, everyone! :)


  1. size zero! good job mars! all your hard work has paid off :)) i miss you!!

  2. Haha! I know! Tiis- ganda! I miss you more! ♥

  3. Everything seems okay for you dear Khristine! And how I missed this white template that I envied for such a long time. Hahaha. :) I'm so happy for your happiness! Hehehe. :D Stay that way always!

  4. Juddddyyyy! Thank you, sweetie! Stay happy too! :)


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