Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Don't Stay in Bed Being Useless

I miss the days that I get to blog everyday. I miss blogging and taking photos of the kids and random things that I see. I miss status-whoring in FB but I feel I’m too boring to say something requisitely amusing. For the past couple of months all I’ve been posting are hostile rants.

See for yourself. :p

I seldom go out, it’s usually thrice a month tops and when I do, it’s with friends and the hubby. The only person I get to have an intellectually stimulating conversation on a daily basis is with my eldest son (because of his insane questions which prompts my brain to think). I haven’t been finishing up a novel in a week which is very unusual because most of the time I can finish up a paperback novel in a day. And my grammar is getting rusty.

I feel I’m getting dumber everyday.

I stopped blabbering and did something about it.
  • Read. And so I read, reading almost everything from shampoo bottles to milk containers. I try my best to finish up a novel at least once a week. My eldest and I read together. I read to my youngest child. I read during movie marathons by turning on subtitles. I still read the dictionary sometimes and some old psychology books. I scrutinize food labels, nutritional information and calorie content. I read whenever an opportunity presents itself.
  • Write. Even when I’m not blogging, I still write in my journal. I write letters and small notes to hubby and my eldest child. I keep in touch with old friends by sending letters and emails. I write my prayers which I do almost every single day.
  • Talk and go out every once in a while. I started talking to sensible people. I’m not a big talker. I’m more of a listener and observer. The only time I get to talk and blabber nonstop is when I’m with my sister and the hubby. But I have a habit of asking questions. Almost all of my friends are working. Some of them I get to see every week and I make it a point to talk to them asking everything from the controversial RH Bill to stressful workloads and even senseless questioning about boys’ night out, hookers and condoms. It’s good to immerse yourself in rational conversations once in a while and even the not so ones. And because it’s so much fun to talk and be with your closest friends after a week-long pain in the ass workload, plain and simple.
  • Get physical. I’ve been losing a lot of the post-pregnancy weight gain and getting back to my usual weight. To quote Franz Kafka from The Metamorphosis; “Just don’t stay in bed being useless.” --has been my morning mantra for the past couple of months. Physical exercise is good for our general health; it makes us fit, improves our ability to relax, speeds up learning and improves blood flow to the brain. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body indeed. 

In between floor wiping, scrubbing pots and pans and doing the dirty laundry; I try to read, write, talk and go out with friends every once in a while. And if all else fails I resort to the good old adage; Mind over Matter mantra. I’m not getting dumber. I’m not getting dumber. Hhhhmmm... And it’s working already. Haha.  

Breakfast in bed for Mom's Day!


  1. You all look lovely together. :)

  2. “Just don’t stay in bed being useless.” - Oh how I love staying in bed and be uhm, useless sometimes. I sooo have the same sentiments. And it's a challenge to do other things for yourself when the family needs you to attend to them 24/7.

    I'll be in Las Pinas on Thursday, you free?

  3. I miss this! :) Go stay in bed and blog! :) Miss you!!!

  4. Gay: Oh, it's Friday already! :(

    Judy: I miss you more, Judy! ♥

  5. Now this is blogging, contrary to what I'm consider blogging. hehe
    Stay sharp Atemader.

  6. Awww... Thanks, Kevs! I miss your posts, anak! Go back to blogging, please! :)


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