Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Officially A Mom Without A Nanny!

I have to start making puppets or if I get too lazy to make a DIY, I need to buy some soon. Polie’s crazy about his stuffed animals talking to each other (Mom and Dad do the talking, of course)! He’s growing up so fast and so smart! He knows what lotion to put on his arms and legs upon waking up, what vitamins to take at a certain time and oh, he already recognizes different colours too! In three months, it’ll be his birthday again. I already planned for his ‘multiple’ parties, just small celebrations with my family, Pao’s parents, and our friends. I can’t wait!

Christmas is just around the corner! It feels like the first time to be celebrating this season with my loved ones. I’m really looking forward to celebrating it with my family and our close friends.

Plus I’m officially a stay at home Mom without a nanny! I’m quitting work after months and months of deliberation. It’s hard, no, especially if your mind isn’t sane. It’s true what they say; being mom is still the best (and hardest) job in the world! But the feeling that you get from seeing your kids grow up and just being with them every single day is priceless.

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