Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Frilly Hats and Series of Unfortunate Events

I haven’t been myself lately and there were series of unfortunate events AKA reasons for my long online absence. Not to mention that summer is officially here. It’s been twice since we’ve gone off to the beach. Say hello to the scorching heat of the summer sun (and to my sun freaking spots, which by the way, every summer, continues to breed on its own)! :)

So exactly what are those reasons?

Okay, let me start off with February. We celebrated Polie’s 1st birthday with our closest friends and of course our family (unfortunately for me, it was just Pao’s family). I won’t be elaborating anymore on what exactly had happened, but let’s just say that it was not a typical birthday party you’d expect to see (but what’s typical nowadays, anyway?). I’m just glad it’s over, at least for this year.

I seriously love this pic even if I look so enormous here.
L-R: Bor, Funch, Jap, Jen & Beachie

Happy Birthday, Polie! 

My March was one hell of a roller coaster ride. Not to mention what a crazy week I had when we were on a beach trip with our closest friends (well, because something annoyingly bitchy has happened right before we took off from the airport). But it was a blessing in disguise, really. It has caused me great pain but I’m grateful it happened because it was an indication who I should be sticking with (and it was just plain common sense! Sometimes I really hate myself for being so stupid). I’m thankful because in times that I feel lost and needed a friend, they were there, our friends. Never fails.

w/ Funch and Jen, before we took off.
Do I look good in this stress?

Puka love!

Our last sunset.
 Boracay is love. And Boracay is so not overrated. 

Bye pristine white sand &
 crystal blue waters.
 See you again next year! :)

To top it off, a concert with Mr. Scott Weiland! Stone Temple Pilots in the flesh, a dream come true for hubby dearest. Suffice it to say, he fits in the generation when Stone Temple Pilots was Stone Temple Pilots. He grew up listening to the band (when rock music was still about Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll), so just imagine how ecstatic he was when Scott belted out those eerie notes. It was one hell of a night and Scott is still amazingly so hot.

Big Bang Baby! 

 It isn't you, isn't me. Search for things you can't see.
 Going blind, out of reach. Somewhere in the Vaseline.

I didn’t expect that housework would exhaust the shit out of me, seriously. It’s been a month that I’ve been doing our dirty laundry and keeping our home spic and span (which is something I’m particularly proud of; and that with the exception of ironing clothes, because I just sucked at it). We decided to lay off a househelp (it was Manang, to be precise) mainly due to financial reasons. We want to cut down certain expenses such as, of course, that would be the obvious, and then comes the electricity/water/food consumption. You see, when you’re a mom and when you do the budgeting yourself, every single peso is accountable. I’ve been a budget-maven for the past couple of months. And sometimes I just hate it when I get too frugal. And I know hubby hates it too.

But it’s just so fun that even if I find it so darn hard, I can’t let go of it. I know how laundry detergents trigger my asthma attacks, not to mention that I have sensitive skin and I’m allergic to detergents and cleaning aides, in which, I’ve suffered a severe face rash on the onset of my housekeeping fiasco. Or how I would get panic attacks when I’m deliriously tired from cleaning and scrubbing dirty floors. I enjoyed it so much, that even at the end of the day, when I still have to cook a decent dinner and clean our bathroom upstairs, I can still smile and say with grace, I’m genuinely happy.

Because I just can’t. And because I’m still losing weight even if I pigout on junkfood in the middle of the night and Polie’s gaining weight already because I’m too OC that I still have to prepare a separate fat-free, oil-free, organic munchies for him and because I just love the smell of our home when I do all the cleaning myself. How could I let go of that? See, if you know me well, you know that I just can’t.

Off for some R&R with my sisters, errr, I mean a sister and a brother.


  1. Aww super miss your posts, Khristine! ;) You know what, I'm so proud of you! You're a full-time mom and a full-time YOU. ;) Even if you get so tired and all the rashes and asthma, you still do your job as a mom and you do it well. Because you're happy... I'm so happy for you! Just always keep in mind your family is your inspiration... And everything will be well. ;) I miss yoouuuuuuuuu! Take care!

  2. Yay! Thanks, Judy! I miss you more! *huuuggggssss*

  3. ... being a full-time mom may eat up our entire day and deny us of our beauty rituals but its all worth the sacrifice... you know that your family eats the right kind of food at the right time, your house is clean just the OC way you want it and it makes you feel good....diba? amishu!


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