Saturday, April 23, 2011

Etude House Moistfull Collagen BB Balm Compact SPF 42/PA++

What it claims:

Packaging says it has whitening and anti-wrinkle benefits. It’s a BB cream, sunscreen and foundation all in one. It’s a balm so it has a cream to powder consistency.

What I love about it:
It’s Paraben-free.
High SPF-- SPF 42/PA++
It’s cheap (costs around P800++), considering its multi-purpose benefits.
Buildable-- it conceals freckles and dark under eye circles when blended properly.  
Readily available since it can be bought at our local malls.
No white cast when photographed under natural light.
It’s dewy, light and has no cakey feel.

SPF42, baby!

What I don’t:
It’s not organic.
It sets on dry skin.
Like most BB creams/MU with sunscreen,
 you’ll look ghostly when photographed with flash
 (but it can be remedied with a good setting powder).    
I hate how the packaging is so bulky and orangey.
It’s limited to two shades.

I’m a bit wary on buying cosmetics because I have sensitive skin. Unless the product is organic or has to be Paraben-free and is not tested on animals, I’m not buying. Amplifying your sunscreen when the summer heat is scorching hot is the best thing you could do for your skin. And this is the primary reason why I bought this compact—because of its high SPF/PA++. Who wouldn’t want a BB cream, foundation and sunscreen all in one application? It’s money and time-wise; I’m sold.

I immediately bought it when I was completely sure that I’ve scrutinized its list of ingredients. It’s not organic but it’s Paraben-free and Etude House doesn't test on animals. I’m a bit guilty here, but I just need it for a limited time only—just this summer. I’ve been using this for almost two weeks now, so far, I haven’t been experiencing any breakouts. I have dry skin so I have to moisturize prior to applying it. I’m not used to applying non-organic cosmetics anymore, so I don’t know if this is just psychosomatic, but it stings a bit when applied on my skin, especially on the driest parts of my face (around the eye/nose/mouth and forehead), so I always make sure to apply the Baby Salve first as some sort of a barrier protection and it’s pretty much working. I top the BB balm off with a setting powder and it’s good to last for a good 6-hr with no touch-ups (this depends on what itineraries you’ve planned for a day, so let’s say you’re planning to have a midday stroll under this summer heat, don’t expect it to last long).         

The balm was applied just on the right side of my face for comparison.

Here’s what it looks like when applied and blended:
  I’ve used BNHMS’s Baby Salve to moisturize
 my face prior to applying the BB balm.   

Here’s what it looks like
 when topped off with a setting powder:
See how it concealed my under-eye circles?
 It also did a great job in covering
 up my freckles. Yey!     

I can’t be sure on the whitening and anti-ageing part because I’m not using this every day and I don’t intend to use it for a long time. When summer’s over, I’m back to using MMU again, so I guess I’ll just skip the part where I have to give an advice whether it makes the skin lighter or smoother in any way, because personally, I think sunscreen and avoiding the sun is all you’ll ever need to protect your skin from ageing which is close to impossible in our country. But then again, Oh well, the things you would do for vanity.


  1. hehehe i hazzzz that im too lazy to review. hehehehe. nice review tintin. ♥

  2. hi, i just bought 1 for me, are u still using dis product? have u experience any breakouts from dis?.. thanks


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