Friday, February 1, 2013

January And Some

Our youngest is turning 3mos soon. How time flies! January just occurred in a snap! I can finally blog now because the little one allows me to use the net from time to time! Hooray for an hour break from all the dancing and baby carrying! I’m still at awe with how things are unfolding for us. We’re excited and a bit nervous at the same time. But we trust the Lord too much that just the thought of it makes us hope for the best. Hope is a good thing, right?

I’ve been breastfeeding exclusively for close to 3mos now. I’m so happy because this is the first time I’m doing it. I breastfed our eldest but he drank formula (whenever I’m out of the house), the second one I breastfed for a month then my milk supply decreased to na-da because I’m too stressed from work. Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I decided to breastfeed exclusively. And boy what a demanding work it is! But such a blessing cos of all the pros we’re getting! The hell with the cons! I highly encourage moms and moms to be to breastfeed. It’s one of the best things you can do for your babies. Plus it’ll help you lose the baby weight (of course w/ proper diet and moderate exercise) fast!    

I’m just sooo happy and content with my life now. I know for sure because not even a messy bed could ruin my day! Truly, I’m a young mom and an amazing one (so they say) at that. So when my friend had asked what my birthday wish was, I simply said I couldn’t think of anything to ask. I want a lot of things for myself and for my family but I didn’t wish for money. For the longest time I’ve always wished for peace of mind and now I finally have it and of course I have the greatest gift a person can get, that is the gift of love and family. Hooray and thank God for motherhood!

(And some of my favorite snapshots over the last month) 
Our youngest at 2 mos

Found this cute DIY snowman while cleaning up
 Pol's school bag :)

First ramen EVER

Something pink and glittery for my birthday <3

Lovin' our new aboriginal coasters!


Ooh yes, I do :)

I woke up on my birthday to this <3

Lunch date with my loves!

Thank God for crazy and amazing girlfriends! Love these bitcherakas to bits! 

And thank you Beauty Bar for bringing us affordable beauty products!

Hooray for guilt-free snacking!

And of course for Sundays as I get to read to our little kuya for a day :)

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