Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Hooligan

I'm missing someone badly. And one other thing too; I miss writing but I'm so darn lazy to write. So I'm posting photos instead (of what has happened over the last few weeks). BTW, I've just seen the Swedish film adaptations of Steig Larsson's novels last weekend. I love it! It's brutally good. Now, I wanna read all three books. ;)

 Okay back to the photos. Here goes! 

Perfect timing :)

Holiday breakfast. Hhhhmmmm. 

Because someone has been reaalllyyyyy bad. 

Catching up with Jen and Bea at Cafe Mary Grace  

Started the "BER" months with my best girlies. :) 

Something from Sweden too! (c/o Mommy Jen)
IKEA everyday! ;)

And one more reason why I love my job. :)

How's your weekend so far? I hope you're all having a great time. :)

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